GWC People

GWC Staff

Michael Fishbach, is co-Director the GWC. Michael has been actively involved in conservation efforts, scientific research, education, and ecotourism related to blue whales for 20 years. He focuses on implementation of the public outreach and education efforts for GWC, and is also currently working on blue whale habitat protection issues in the Sea of Cortez off Baja California.
Gershon Cohen, PhD, founder/Project Director of the Campaign to Safeguard America's Waters is co-Director of the GWC.  Gershon focuses primarily on implementing GWC’s political and market-based objectives. CSAW has led the efforts to stop the dumping of polluted wastes from cruise ships since 1999 and helped establish Alaska’s cruise-pollution rules, the strictest in the world.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Environmental Policy.
Sara Randall is a computer nerd with a passion for marine mammal protection. A graduate from Boston University with a degree in Advertising/PR and a minor in Marine Science, Sara helps maintain the GWC website and keeps news items fresh in the GWC Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Julia Ransom

Julia has volunteered countless hours for more than two years to help get GWC’s message out to the world through Facebook and Tweets.  If the whales could talk – they would thank her.


GWC Advisor

John Calambokidis, research biologist and co-founder of Cascadia Research, a nonprofit organization formed in 1979 and based in Olympia, Washington, is an advisor to the GWC. He periodically serves as Adjunct Faculty at Evergreen State College, where he teaches a course on marine mammals. Calambokidis’s primary interests are the biology of marine mammals and the impacts of humans. As a Senior Research Biologist at Cascadia Research he has served as Project Director for over 100 projects. He has authored two books on marine mammals (one on blue whales and a guide to marine mammals) as well as more than 150 publications in scientific journals and technical reports. Calambokidis has conducted studies on a variety of marine mammals in the North Pacific from Central America to Alaska. His work has been covered by the Discovery Channel and was featured in a National Geographic TV special and magazine article released in March 2009.


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