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The Great Whale Conservancy protects the world's great whales and their habitat.

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04/13: GWC's 2014 Earth Day Event

A press release conference will be hosted by the Great Whale Conservancy at 1PM EST on Earth Day (April 22nd) 2014, on the Ellipse below the south lawn of the White House in Washington D.C. We invite all GWC supporters who live in or near D.C. to join us for the event!

03/31: ICJ Ruling in Australia v Japan

The international court of justice (ICJ) at the Hague has determined that Japan’s “scientific” whaling activities were a sham. They had published only two peer-reviewed scientific papers since 2005 despite killing close to 4000 great whales. Norway & Iceland will continue to whale since they are acting in direct defiance of the IWC moratorium on commercial whaling, but this would appear to end the slaughter of the whales by the Japanese. We need to applaud Australia and all of the people and oganizations that have worked on this issue for so many years. This is a great victory.

Blog Posts

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Ship Strikes - Video and Online Petition Now Live

Endangered blue whales and other Great Whales are being killed by collisions with ships while feeding along the California coast. Help us move the shipping lanes!

Oppose Iceland's Finback Whale Hunt - Sign the Online Petition Now

NEWS! CA Coastal Commission Denies PG&E Seismic Testing Permit!
GWC and friends save the lives of hundreds of marine mammals. Read more...

Entanglements and Plastic Pollution
Every year, thousands of marine mammals drown in abandoned fishing gear and are killed by plastic debris.

Watch GWC's Michael Fishbach save a humpback from entanglement!


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