Our Mission

The Great Whale Conservancy protects the world's great whales and their habitat, with a special emphasis on the globally endangered Blue Whale.

Our Primary Objective

Many commcerial shipping lanes directly overlap critical habitat for endangered large whales. The whales have no choice but to feed where they can find sufficient prey: the ships can and must move to safer waters.

Ship strikes (collisions) may be the most serious threat the great whales face today. The Great Whale Conservancy advocates for increasing the separation between ships and whales because it is the surest way to protect the lives of these magnificent beings.

Latest News

12/22: Do whales stimulate fisheries? Slow global warming?

Recent work by marine scientists have allowed us to better understand the ecological role of the great whales. If you consider the size of the large whales, you can appreciate that they poop and pee - a lot. And when they do - always when they are on the surface - they release a lot of nutrients into the ocean, nutrients they picked up while eating at depth. That's why this is called the "whale pump," since the whales are transporting nutrients from deeper in the ocean to the surface, where the nutrients stimulate the growth of phytoplankton and krill. When the whales migrate to the warm seas where they calve but don't feed, they're also transporting nutrients since they continue to pee. These nutrients allow the bottom of the food chain to thrive, providing food for the fish that we consume. But more than this - the phytoplankton blooms that the whales might stimulate can help mitigate global warming. Find out how by clicking here!

North Atlantic Right Whale BEACON 

Click here to learn more about this GWC-supported project.

Entanglements and Plastic Pollution

Every year, thousands of marine mammals drown in abandoned fishing gear and are killed by plastic debris.

Watch GWC's Michael Fishbach save a humpback from entanglement!

GWC Issues

Great Whales Fight Climate Change?

GWC launches new research/education effort to demonstrate role whales play in lowering COin the atmosphere. Read more...

Responsible Shipping Position Paper

Ship strikes are a critial problem for most species of great whales, and for some species in some places it appears to be getting worse. The GWC strives to make the global shipping industry attentive to the needs and conservation of these whales. Click to read our recent paper.

Events & News

Mz Blue Appearances

Mz Blue appeared on the mall in Washington DC at a meeting of the Sea Party Coalition on Nov. 4th!

New Study Shows Sri Lanka's Blue Whales are in Great Danger

Ship Strikes to individuals pose danger, immediate action needed!

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GWC's Year End Pledge

We have someone we would like you to meet

White Eyes is a member of the 2000 remaining North Eastern Pacific Blue whales, and he needs your help now. We have been tracking his data for 25 years.

Each Baja field season, upon first sighting of him, we breathe a sigh of relief knowing he has survived another perilous season feeding amongst the busy California cargo shipping lanes. 

Read the full digest.


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