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Our Mission

The Great Whale Conservancy protects the world's great whales and their habitat.

Our Primary Objective

Many commcerial shipping lanes directly overlap critical habitat for endangered large whales. The whales have no choice but to feed where they can find sufficient prey: the ships can and must move to safer waters.

Ship strikes (collisions) may be the most serious threat the great whales face today. The Great Whale Conservancy advocates for increasing the separation between ships and whales because it is the surest way to protect the lives of these magnificent beings.

Latest News

5/4: Scientists Demonstrate Why Blue Whales Might Fail to Avoid Ship Collisions

Dear GWC followers & fellow whale friends,

A recently published paper in Endangered Species Research (Vol. 27: 219-232, 2015) raises a potentially significant issue regarding our effort to protect the ENP (Eastern North Pacific) blue whales.  A question often raised against moving the ships outside of the Santa Barbara Channel has been the fear of increasing strikes on finback or humpback whales – which no one wants to do.  The research community has suspected blue whales are less capable of avoiding ships than their peers, for reasons unknown.  This research may answer that question: the avoidance-dive behavior of tagged blue whales confronted by ships appeared insufficient to get them out of harm’s way.  Studies are underway to determine whether the same holds true for other great whale species – if not – it would argue for taking extraordinary measures to protect the blues until they can learn to fend for themselves. [link 1] [link 2]

Gershon, GWC Campaign Director

Entanglements and Plastic Pollution

Every year, thousands of marine mammals drown in abandoned fishing gear and are killed by plastic debris.

Watch GWC's Michael Fishbach save a humpback from entanglement!

GWC Issues

Great Whales Fight Climate Change?

GWC launches new research/education effort to demonstrate role whales play in lowering COin the atmosphere. Read more...

Ship Strikes - Video and Online Petition Now Live

Endangered blue whales and other Great Whales are being killed by collisions with ships while feeding along the California coast. Help us move the shipping lanes!

Events & News

New Study Shows Sri Lanka's Blue Whales are in Great Danger

Ship Strikes to individuals pose danger, immediate action needed!

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