Our Mission

The Great Whale Conservancy is dedicated to protecting the world’s great whales and their habitats, and returning global populations towards their pre-whaling abundance, with special focus on the blue whales.fake rolex

Before industrialized whaling, there were over 4 million great whales swimming the seas. That population was reduced to less than 30%, with some species, like the blue whales and right whales, becoming highly endangered or nearing extinction.

The population of blue whales declined from over 350,000 to around 10,000 today. Watch video

But we need live whales, in abundance, swimming the seas, more than ever. Scientists have now shown whales are essential to the oceanic food web, and to the ocean’s capacity to absorb carbon.

Our work is dedicated to bringing these life-giving mammals back to pre-whaling numbers so they can once again contribute to a healthy ocean and planet, and help reverse the effects of climate change. Watch Video

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Our Work

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