Baleia Jubarte Whale Research, Education and Conservation

The GWC has become the Fiscal Sponsor for Baleia Jubarte (BJ) which is the foremost whale research, education and conservation group in the country of Brazil. In BJ’s working area one of the densest concentrations of baleen whales (Humpback whales or Jubarte’s in Portuguese) found anywhere on earth appears each August and September.

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The GWC look forward to many collaborations with BJ over the years for the benefit of the whales of Brazil.

Cascadia Research Collective

Cascadia Research Collective Is a non-profit conducting scientific research and education since 1979. Michael Fishbach has been providing photo identification of the Northeast Pacific blue whale population for 11 years to their research database. Photo identifications of blue whales from Baja, Mexico where Michael conducts his annual field work contribute to the profile of information gathered about this sub-population. Here is a profile of a well-known female from July 2019.

Ocean Alliance

GWC worked with Ocean Alliance to provide field samples for scientific research on micro-plastics in whales; and hosted the “SnotBot” team in Baja while they conduct field work sample collections using the “Snotbot ®” drone – a drone which flies through the blow of a whale and collects exhaled “snot” on petri dishes.

Summary of Project: In 2018, Ocean Alliance collected whale feces from one blue whale while on a Parley SnotBot expedition to the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. Our long-time friends and partner The Great Whale Conservancy then donated 3 more whale feces samples. Initial partner analysis found an astounding amount of microplastics in all four feces samples. Ocean Alliance is now seeking support for the microplastic detection in feces program to collect additional samples from baleen whales from both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans to validate our initial results and publish a scientific paper so as to better inform the public and scientific community on the effects of microplastics in our ocean


Ocean Alliance
Great Whale Conservancy
Holland Toxicology Laboratory at California State University of Long Beach