Living whales are worth an enormous amount of money

A great whale is worth $2 million. The size of that number so terrified Ralph Chami, the economist who appraised the whales, that he sought refuge in a church for the first time in 30 years. Inside St. Matthew’s Cathedral in the District, a few blocks from Chami’s office at the International Monetary Fund, the…
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Could it be that the whales can save us all!

Scientists at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have calculated the value of a whale at $2 million each due to the important role they have in reducing the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. Whales have been being hunted for hundreds of years with numbers reaching an all time low in the 1930s when over…
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Major shipping companies will not use the Arctic sea route

The Gwc Is Thrilled! Major shipping companies announce they will not use the Arctic sea route as a shortcut between Europe and Asia. This is fabulous news for endangered bowhead whales!

From marine biologists to the world of finance

From marine biologists to the world of finance – audiences around the globe are eager to hear about a new framework for valuing carbon sequestration by whales. Click here to read abstract. Ralph Chami is an Assistant Director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but recently he has been making the rounds talking about an…
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Endangered Beluga Whales Need Your Voice

Endangered beluga whales in Alaska’s Cook Inlet are about to face a seismic attack that will disrupt their eating and mating activities and could drive them closer to extinction. The Trump administration is allowing oil and gas company Hilcorp to expand its offshore drilling operations in Alaska — at the expense of beluga whales and…
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Here are 5 reasons why the ocean is so important

Unless you’ve been making a superhuman effort to avoid the news recently, you’ll know that the ocean is vital to life on Earth. But why, exactly, is this the case? Here are five reasons why we need to safeguard its future. Read article

A Hammerhead Shark In Our Panga!

Our week 7 guests hailed from California, Baja California and Arizona. Now, how might one ask could we possibly have ended up with a hammerhead shark in our panga? Simple answer: There was a juvenile hammerhead swimming above a sandy bottom shallow part of the sea and we tracked it for about 2 minutes. It…
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Gray whale excursion to Magdalena Bay

Our week 6 guests hailed from Texas, Hong Kong, and North Carolina Our days on the Sea of Cortez this week were remarkably similar to each other, and the diversity of experience for the week came also from our days off the sea. We had grand and diverse land excursions, including to the organic ranches…
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Week 5 – A Significant Number of Fin Whales

Our week 5 guests hailed from Virginia, Washington DC, England and Florida. This week was a reunion of old friends with all guests except one has been here to Baja with us multiple times previously. Many ideas for helping the great whales were shared among the backdrop of many whales, wind-free days, and spectacular Baja…
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The First Blue, Habitat Preference, Hummingbirds And More!

Our week two guests hailed from California and Florida. We finally spotted our first blue whale of the season, with Delphi doing the fieldwork of documenting it. This was the one and only “Hook” a male first identified in 1983 as an adult. So this is an older whale which we now have on record…
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We are back in our second home for season 24 here in Baja California!

All of our first weeks guests hailed from North Carolina save one from Pennsylvania. We covered huge distances in our attempt to familiarize ourselves with the local sea conditions, find out where are the whales are and gain some level of comfort for the upcoming season. We found a great diversity of whales, far warmer…
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