We are back in our second home for season 24 here in Baja California!

All of our first weeks guests hailed from North Carolina save one from Pennsylvania. We covered huge distances in our attempt to familiarize ourselves with the local sea conditions, find out where are the whales are and gain some level of comfort for the upcoming season. We found a great diversity of whales, far warmer…
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Japan confirms it will quit IWC to resume commercial whaling

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/dec/26/japan-confirms-it-will-quit-iwc-to-resume-commercial-whaling The GWC is greatly concerned by this news! While there will be short-term benefits which will likely include no more whaling by the Japanese in the Southern Ocean and the strong potential for the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary to pass the next IWC meeting (without Japan’s aggressive tactics to ensure it fails), we…
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Blue whale found on California coast died from ship strike, scientists say

“Blue whales are the largest animal on Earth and an endangered species, so to learn that this individual’s death is a result of a ship strike is particularly unfortunate,” said Barbie Halaska, a Marine Mammal Center researcher, told the Bay Area’s KTVU2 FOX. GWC Working Overtime with Industry to End Future Tragedies Like This

Finally Some Breaches, Whale Rainbows, and some New Blues

Our week 6 guests hailed from Colorado, New York, New Mexico and California. As has happened for most of this season the week began with wind. But things calmed down and as the images will show everyone was treated to yet another grand show. We had ample blue whales including some new individuals to this…
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Patience In The Wind – Lunging Humpbacks-baitballs And More

WEEK 4 was a grand group from Florida, Maryland, Nevada, California and Germany. Patience was the very first virtue this group needed as the winds were not kind to us at the beginning of the week. We snuck in two very bouncy days in the wavy sea which were followed by two super windy days…
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A Blue Whale In Reverse And Jumping Dolphins

Week 2 with a full group from England is in the books. There is much to report, with the backdrop to all the wonders being that the water here is greener than usual, and the plankton content is far less visible to the naked eye than in our normal season. All this means some whales…
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Baja 2018 Blog Week 1

Hook & the Orcas We are indeed back and our 23rd season down on this marvelous sea is now in process. The seasons first week had many components and lots of excitement. Our group from New York (via England), Illinois, Virginia and Brazil had a fine and exciting week as we kicked off a new…
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