Commerical shipping lanes moved in Panama to save humpback whales

The Republic of Panama’s proposal to implement four Traffic Separation Schemes for commercial vessels entering and exiting the Panama Canal and ports was approved unanimously by the International Maritime Organization in London, May 23. Based on studies by Smithsonian marine ecologist Hector Guzman, the new shipping lanes are positioned to minimize overlap between shipping routes…
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GWC’s Earth Day Event 2014

On Tuesday, April 22nd, the Great Whale Conservancy hosted its second annual D.C. Earth Day rally.  Our purpose was to ask President Obama to direct the U.S. Navy to remove its objection to the use of an alternate shipping lane along the CA coast, where cargo ships, oil tankers, and cruise ships have been killing…
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ICJ Ruling in Australia v Japan

The international court of justice (ICJ) at the Hague has determined that Japan’s “scientific” whaling activities were a sham. They had published only two peer-reviewed scientific papers since 2005 despite killing close to 4000 great whales.

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Baja Blog 2014 – Week 7

Week 7 was our final week of the 2014 Baja season. Fair winds and humpback whale dominated seas greeted us as we began the week. Twice this week we found a pair of humpbacks logging close to each other at the surface. They were different individuals but the behavior that each pair exhibited was both…
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Baja Blog 2014 – Week 6

Well it is official. The humpback whales have taken over the waters around Loreto. We have never even remotely seen as many humpbacks as we are now seeing, and the dolphin numbers are also about as high as we have ever seen here. We just ended a long streak. It had been almost 10 full…
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Baja Blog 2014 – Weeks 4 & 5

Due to a slight case of fatigue I took last Sunday off and am combining weeks 4 and 5 into one blog. And what a blog it will be! The two weeks began with a dramatic drop in blue whale numbers as the krill all but disappeared and signs of squid began to show up. Humpback…
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Baja Blog 2014 – Week 3

Week 3 began with yours truly heading up to LA to film a clip or two with the Oceanic Preservation Society for their new upcoming theatrical documentary on the 6th extinction. A great and short experience. After heading back to Baja the next day we began right where we left off. Smack in the middle of…
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Baja Blog 2014 – Week 2

Week # 2 offered up a staggering number of whales.  The totals for this time of the year far surpass anything we have seen in our 19 years of plying these waters.  Huge numbers of humpbacks allowed us to identify more in one day (9) than we have ever identified in an entire season previously (8). …
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The 2014 Baja Season Begins in Style

Our 19th Baja season began on Feb. 10th.  It was a fine day with a very solid number of blue whales sighted right off the bat. Amazing but true is the now infamous individual called White Eyes was the very first whale we spotted.  After a day on the water in which we saw 12…
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