White Eyes Returns and much more! – Baja 2017 Blog Week 1

With our guests from New York and Utah we got off to a roaring start to this season. Day one may have been the finest first day we have ever had here. 12 Blue whales graced us with their presence as the sea erupted very early with krill blooms. The krill were literally jumping out…
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Vacuuming an Enormous Fake Blue Whale

Once a year, the American Museum of Natural History in New York performs a banal yet oddly fascinating ritual: It cleans its life-size model of a blue whale. It is a job almost as big as the whale itself. Exhibition maintenance manager Trenton Dureksen spent three days in a cherrypicker, sucking dust off the 94-foot-long…
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North Carolina Marine Debris Symposium, Sept. 11 2016

The GWC’s Michael Fishbach will make the kickoff presentation at the upcoming North Carolina Marine Debris Symposium in Wilmington, NC on Sunday Sept. 11 at 5:30 PM. See the following link for more information and all are welcome to come see Michael’s talk! http://www.ncmarinedebrissymposium.com/2016-symposium.html

GWC Launches Ship-Strike Website

To support our ongoing efforts to minimize the occurrences of ships striking whales globally, the GWC has officially launched our new ship-strike website. This site will allow our followers to keep abreast of the latest news and keep track of our efforts to end these tragic collisions between ships and whales.

Visit the website: http://shipstrikes.org/

White Eyes – The World’s Best Known Blue Whale

Once again White Eyes enters the picture as he is seen again in the Santa Barbara Channel off the coast of Santa Barbara, California on July 7, 2016. With roughly 10,000 Blue whales left on planet earth they represent a shell of their former population which numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Blue whales are…
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