With our guests from New York and Utah we got off to a roaring start to this season. Day one may have been the finest first day we have ever had here. 12 Blue whales graced us with their presence as the sea erupted very early with krill blooms. The krill were literally jumping out of the sea! A small Humpback whale proceeded to lunge through the patches of krill in vertical fashion opening it’s mouth wide to fill it will the seas bounty. Then this young Humpback began to blow the magical bubble nets that trap their prey inside. These nets began with a long line and then curved into perfect concentric circles. all right near to our boat, and always the whale surfaced just to the side of the bubble net. We also had feeding Blue whales and our first Fin whales of the season which were a cow/calf pair.
We had some strong winds for a couple of days and then ended with a bang. A huge pod of dolphins led us to a Humpback that breached 15 times, which led us to some amazing lunge feeding Blue whales. The sea is already rich with huge patches of krill near the surface, which is somewhat rare for this early in the season.

All had a grand time as we head into week 2. We request some clouds as the days are hot and we feel a bit as if we are beginning to get cooked by the desert sun. The first wee only provided one large pod of dolphins and a few sea turtles. Very few manta rays were seen with a few actively feeding on the krill. Seabird number seem a bit down and the sea temperature is about normal for this time of year.

Our first 2017 group minus Heather, at weeks end “Hook” has become one of most regular Blue whales now being seen 4 years in a row This female Fin whale (foreground) seen with her 2nd calf (rear) in the past 4 years A wide open-mouthed juvenile Humpback whale feeds on this years early bounty That same Humpback gives us a rarely seen view in flat calm season A head lunging Humpback captured by Galen Fishbach-Waters – notice the bulge where the eye is on the side of the whales head. This allows the whale to see into it’s own mouth while feeding. White Eyes returns adding to his stature as the world’s most famous Blue whale An early season treat – even the Blue whales were lunge feeding in calm seas this week